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Photo Gallery

Just some shots of us enjoying ourselves at our reunions and a few other history tidbits.  If you have some interesting photos you would like to share, please send them to us and we'll add them to the web site.

Ruth Byron

1948 WAF Squadron

1962 Sq 3743 Flt 31

Reunion 2000

Reunion 2001

Reunion 2001 (part 2)

Reunion 2002

Gen Ruth - 2004

Our Board

Air Museum Honor Guard - 2004

Honoring the deceased - 2004

Great Athletes

Civil War Widow - 2004


Enjoying Good Company

Perfect Weather for eating outside

Having a Good Time!

Honor Guard - 2004

Awesome California Mountain View

Traveling Down on a Tram - 2004

Janet's first ride on a tram!

Mt San Jacinto State Park

Palm Springs from the Hotel

View Inside a C47

Special Hostess Gift